Trash Discovery

I Went to Trash School

Clio Chang | Curbed | 29th August 2022

Account of two days spent training with sanitation workers in New York. Interesting throughout. Nobody ever finishes a cup of coffee — those who collect the garbage always know what the "flavour of the month" is. Compacted rubbish spews out "juice". As a union job, this work is "a clear path to a middle-class life" but it is also one of the most dangerous occupations in the US (2,103 words)

The Discovery Of The X-Ray

Ira Rutkow | Delancey Place | 7th September 2022

Extract from a history of surgery. The discovery of the X-Ray in 1895 utterly transformed what so-called "scalpel wielders" could achieve. "Not only did the accessibility of X-rays change the definition of what consti­tuted a successful surgical intervention, but also the physical presence of an X-ray apparatus lent an air of modernity and scientific progress that impressed patients" (690 words)

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