Dismantling Twins

Identical Twins Aren't That Identical

Stuart Ritchie | Science Fictions | 4th December 2022

The University of South Carolina accused identical twins of colluding in an exam, and now the twins have won a $6.5 million lawsuit by arguing that their papers were similar because their minds were "connected". Is there any good science in this claim? Probably not. But if there were, it would have interesting implications for debates about how far genetic endowment determines behaviour (2,800 words)

Dismantling Sellafield

Samanth Subramanian | Guardian | 15th December 2022

Superb reporting from Sellafield in northern England, where Britain's first big nuclear plant is winding down. Sellafield produced plutonium for nuclear weapons in the 1950s, and electricity until 2003. Until this year it reprocessed spent fuel. Now it is the world's most toxic storage depot, holding tonnes of plutonium and lakes of liquid waste that will need guarding for thousands of years (6,070 words)

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