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Readers in the UK -  We would love to see you at our upcoming walking tour, Troublesome Women, on Saturday 16th July at 11.15am, in and around Liverpool Street and the City of London. Troublesome men are of course welcome! To join us, book your ticket below:

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Tehran’s Red-Light District

Sadaf Tabatabaei | Failed Architecture | 6th July 2022

The Shahrinaw area of Tehran served as the city's red light district until it was destroyed during the 1979 revolution. It had been contentious for decades: in 1953 the neighbourhood was enclosed in a tall brick wall with a single gate. Its 600 houses were demolished in three days and the area is now occupied by a park and a cultural centre, but remnants of its old fabric can still be found (3,098 words)

The World Needs Uncles, Too

Isaac Fitzgerald | GQ | 7th July 2022

On the decision not to have children. It is both a selfish and an unselfish one. He contributes to the community that raises children by being a good uncle and a helpful neighbour, always ready to step in. This, in turn, benefits him too. "I feel a lightness of being — an unanchoring in my heart — that seems harder and harder to come by these days. It’s a feeling I relish. I revel in it" (3,538 words)

We can't unanchor your heart; but we can put a fair wind in the sails of your mind. Five articles a day, plus a video and podcast. (Bottles of rum not supplied.)

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