DIY Myth

from The Browser ten years ago:

Cooked: A DIY Manifesto

Michael Pollan | Medium | 17th April 2013

Why we should take the trouble to cook at home. It keeps us alert, independent, informed; in touch with our food and the way it is produced. "In a world where so few of us are obliged to cook at all, to choose to do so is to lodge a protest against specialisation — against the total rationalisation of life. Against the infiltration of commercial interests into every last cranny of our lives" (1,565 words)

Protest against specialisation: read widely. The full Browser sends five articles, a video and a podcast daily.


The 10,000 Steps Myth | Maintenance Phase

The surprising history of the default step goal found today in most health tracker apps. It comes to us not from science, but via the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the backlash to McDonald's after Super Size Me came out in 2004, and the human predilection for round numbers (49m 07s)

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