Doll Conditioning

For The Love Of A Good Doll

Shanti Escalante-De Mattei | Document Journal | 28th August 2023

Beyond Barbie lies a world of doll makers who imbue their human replicas with a darker, more complex meaning. Tastes vary by country: "Russians like super skinny girls — whimsical, but skinny... Americans like chubby children, with big eyes. In France, they like the monster-esque, mermaids or little dragons with little horns. In Japan, Korea, it’s very anime, with those ruched dresses" (2,930 words)

Blame Air Conditioning

Nick Niedzwiadek | Politico | 12th September 2023

It is possible that the origin of US government shutdowns lies in the introduction of air conditioning to Capitol in 1929. Legislators could now sit through DC's humid summers, so sessions got longer and longer. After protests, an August recess was enforced. Then the federal budget deadline was moved to autumn. Now, there are only a few days to pass spending bills before the cutoff (1,900 words)

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