Driving Legless

When Sweden Switched To Driving On The Right

Adam Raphael | Guardian | 7th September 2022

At 5am on 4th September 1967, after "four years of preparations and 40 years of argument", Swedes ceased to drive on the left side of the road and started driving on the right side like the rest of continental Europe. "Typical of the meticulous attention to detail was that even the elk-hunting season had been brought forward by a week, so that hunters would not add to the traffic problem" (875 words)

The Case Of The Legless Duchess

Michael Prodger | The Critic | 1st September 2022

This story has it all: The world's most expensive painting; the model for Holmes's Professor Moriarty; J.P. Morgan (twice); a ransomed prisoner; a "gambler and sometime art dealer named Patrick Francis Sheedy"; a casino in Constantinople; a Murillo stolen from a monastery in Mexico; a chief of police who kept his composure while a tiger ate his arm; and the 11th Duke of Devonshire (980 words)

Ok, we lied. That second story doesn't have it ALL.
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