Earth Essay

Wikipedia And The Flat Earth

Anonymous | Wikipedia | 6th August 2022

Explainer of Wikipedia's editorial philosophy. The goal of Wikipedia is "to mirror the current consensus of mainstream scholarship". Fringe theories deserve little or no space. If Wikipedia had existed in 700 BC it would have reported "as a fact without qualification" that the Earth was flat. Wikipedia is "academically conservative, as is fitting for a standard reference work" (6,500 words)

How Many Errorrs Are In This Essay?

Ed Simon | Millions | 24th August 2022

On mistakes in general, and on typographical errors in particular, with digressions into Biblical errata, Freudian slips, and sloppy drafting. "The U.S. Constitution isn’t particularly long — only a few pages — and yet it’s filled with grammatical and spelling errors, as well as confusing syntax. Capitalization is inconsistent, apostrophes are dropped, and even 'Pensylvania' is misspelled" (6,600 words)

How many errorrs are there in this advert?
Many, but the central claims perfctly correct: that you could be recieving five outstnanding articles, a podcast and a videodaily, in your inbox.

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