Eat Pessimism

Are We What We Eat?

Anonymous | Madras Courier | 25th January 2024

There is no such thing as “Indian food”. Culinary customs vary widely in India not just by region but also by caste. Brahmins — members of the highest social caste — in the south avoid onion and garlic, while their counterparts in the north are more interested in cutting out meat. Bengali Brahmins, however, love fish. Those in inter-caste households must grapple with these unspoken food laws (1,000 words)

The Seven Laws Of Pessimism

Maarten Boudry | Quillette | 26th January 2024

Last year may have been one of the best to date in human history. More people escaped extreme poverty than ever before and non-flashy, “self-effacing solutions” reduced misery. But it doesn’t feel this way, because of the seven laws this philosopher outlines. Greater freedom exposes greater ugliness. The media leads with bad news. Optimism always requires a “rational leap of faith” (4,000 words)

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