Ehrenreich Punishment

On Barbara Ehrenreich

Gabriel Winant | n+1 | 9th September 2022

Barbara Ehrenreich, who died on 1st September, was an expert at showing how power operates on an intimate level. Her readers were never spared her sharp pen. "Ehrenreich’s specialty was to reveal her readers to themselves by showing them the other... She invites this, beckoning you to follow her into her subject, and then suddenly wheels around on you — and you are caught out" (5,351 words)

Punishment, Puppies, And Science

Ula Chrobak | Undark | 12th September 2022

The dog training industry is like "the wild, wild West". There is very little oversight or regulation. Attempts to fix this have exposed a schism between those who believe punishment is the most effective training tool and those who prefer rewards. Designing a study to test this in a controlled and balanced way is very difficult, so ideology still reigns in canine education (2,290 words)

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