Einstein Biscuits

Who Owns Einstein?

Simon Parkin | Guardian | 17th May 2022

Einstein earns more dead than he ever did alive, making an average of $12.5m a year in image licensing fees. Although image conscious, during his lifetime the scientist himself resisted all attempts to "commercialise his identity". Even the law that allows this postmortem profiteering is contentious. Can an heir inherit rights that did not yet exist during the originator's lifetime? (6,012 words)

Indian Biscuits: 1947-2022

Sharanya Deepak | Vittles | 9th May 2022

The history of Indian biscuits, and also India itself, told through five crunchy vignettes. Biscuits touch everything: industry, geopolitics, agriculture and taste. From Parle-G, which was made possible by the US's post independence wheat exports, to free market "premium biscuits" like Hide & Seek from the 2000s, this is an excellent way to comprehend India's evolution in the 20C (2,985 words)

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