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An Open Elite?

Julianne Werlin | Life And Letters | 8th June 2024

What can literary history tell us about social mobility? — researched and presented. Interesting methodological conundrums discussed: Where does one place pirates or con artists in the class hierarchy? The Elizabethan period saw new writers born of merchants and tradesmen, followed by the more restrictive Stuart and Restoration eras, when it was mostly gentry writing literature (1,800 words)

Why No One Will Save Sudan

Cameron Hudson | Persuasion | 5th June 2024

“The crisis in Sudan is neither forgotten nor ignored. It is de-prioritised.” Why? In 2001, Bush famously scribbled “not on my watch” in the margins of a paper on the Rwandan genocide. Since then, America’s global war on terror and its 2011 action in Libya have soured people on intervention. The “responsibility to protect” doctrine has been set aside, now seen as leading to regime change rather than stability (1,400 words)

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