Emotion and Dreams

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Show Some Emotion

Meghan Racklin | Baffler | 18th January 2022

Survey of several projects exploring how to create a taxonomy of emotions. They have esoteric, quasi-dystopian names: the Museum of Contemporary Emotions, the Bureau of Linguistical Reality, the Emotions Lab. Their efforts are doomed to fail. "Emotions are a particularly amorphous element of this divine scheme, so our attempts to catalogue them are doomed to be provisional at best" (2,169 words)

What Does A Vow Of Poverty Mean?

Vivian Warren | Bruderhof | 5th January 2022

Relatively new member of the Bruderhof, an evangelical Protestant movement founded in Germany in 1920, contemplates the vow of poverty she has taken. "The poverty I should be concerned about is not expressed through the lack of physical things. Those are relatively easy to do without. The poverty that is the hardest for me is that of giving up my own plans, ideas, opinions, and dreams" (1,014 words)


You use social media but you hate it. You've heard about those studies saying it's bad for you, but what else is new? So is junk food and cigarettes. Why is this any different? Because on social media, you're addicting your friends too.

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Five Books: The Best Manga for Children and Teens. Long associated with Japanese popular culture, manga are now found in translation across the world. In North America, this dynamic form of visual narration is overtaking comics and graphic novels in popularity. Oscar, age 13, recommends his favourite manga for children and teenagers.

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