Empress Wordle

The End Of The Empress

Alizeh Kohari | Guernica | 11th January 2022

Empress Market in Karachi was built in the 1880s and over the following century a vibrant informal settlement grew around its Indo-Gothic walls. Until the bulldozers came in 2018, that is, to demolish this "encroachment" as part of a wider effort to "spruce up the city". In a single morning, at least 1,700 shops were reduced to rubble and an estimated 200,000 people lost their jobs (4,413 words)

🦒: The Two Best Ways To Win At Wordle

Nate Cardin and Uri Bram | Slate | 11th January 2022

The Browser's Nate Cardin, a professional crossword setter, discusses the optimal strategies for Wordle. If your main concern is not to lose, you should "maximize the information you acquire" by "making your first few guesses span as many common letters as possible." If you'd rather try to win in as few turns as possible, "focus your mental energy on the first and last letters of the word" (1,203 words)


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