Enduring Treatment

Ever-Enduring Dürer

Warren Frye | New Criterion | 30th October 2023

Book review. There is a case to be made that Albrecht Dürer was the first modern artist, as well as the earliest example of the "notable narcissism" we now take for granted in highly successful creatives. "He may have been melancholic and vain, but his enduring fame is not the product of distinctive personality, but rather the quality of the art that character created" (1,000 words)

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The Silent Treatment

Jane Brox | Public Domain Review | 25th October 2023

The origins of solitary confinement were not punitive but therapeutic. It evolved in opposition to the corporal punishments common in the late 18C. Quakerism informed the idea of time alone in "active, searching silence" as a more effective means of reformation than inflicting bodily suffering. Solitude became a punishment once cramped conditions forced cell-sharing in prisons (3,900 words)

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