Entirely Fallacies

Unpredictable But Entirely Possible Events

Ian Bremmer, Matthew Burrows et al | Politico | 5th January 2023

Futurists imagine the “Black Swan” events that could radically alter the course of the next year. Many focus tightly on the US presidential election, with possible incidents like “death at a Trump rally” and “a violent attack on a candidate”, but more interesting are the larger themes that emerge. As a group, these analysts anticipate that coups and global warming will now shape our lives (5,400 words)

Cycling Doping Fallacies

Nicholas A. Ferrell | New Leaf Journal | 4th January 2024

Doping was so prevalent in cycling from 1999 to 2005 that there is no point trying to untangle the records of the cheaters and the clean. Who can say who “should” have been winning during Lance Armstrong’s dominance of the Tour de France? Rather, fans should focus on the achievements of those athletes who “tried to do it the right way” but never got to find out if they were good enough (6,200 words)

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