Everlasting Radio

A Feminist-Materialist Quest For Everlasting Life

Anne M. Thell | JHI Blog | 31st October 2022 | U

Margaret Cavendish, 17C writer and philosopher, spent much of her time (when she wasn't publishing the first science fiction in English or sparring with the Royal Society) pondering immortality. A favourite thought experiment was what she called "Restoring-Beds, or Wombs" — spongey sacks hidden in "the Centre of the World" that could restore any being placed inside to perfect health (2,065 words)

The Ghostly Radio Station No One Runs

Zaria Gorvett | BBC Future | 15th July 2020 | U

The radio station MDZhB has been broadcasting a 4625 kHz drone every day since 1976, occasionally interrupted by a voice reading words in Russian "such as 'dinghy' or 'farming specialist'". Fans call it "the Buzzer". Its purpose is unknown. The Russian military has never claimed it. Conspiracy theories abound, but it is probably just a placeholder, waiting to be used in a moment of crisis (2,244 words)

Much like MDZhB, the Browser has never been claimed by any military. But unlike MDZhB, our purpose is clear - to surprise and delight you. Get more surprised and more delighted with the full Browser: five articles, a video and a podcast daily.

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