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Stay Saasy | 30th May 2023

How to project a general air of authority. Dress the part, whatever the part may be; don't ever be the youngest and the shabbiest person in the room. Stay terse; don't talk for more than 30 seconds at a time. Admit ignorance once in a while; this makes your claims to knowledge more credible. And never freak out: "Losing self-control is one of the most damaging ways that leaders self-sabotage" (1,550 words)

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From The Browser Eight Years Ago

Everything Is Yours, Everything Is Not Yours

Clemantine Wamariya & Elizabeth Weil | Matter | 29th June 2015

Beautifully understated memoir, voted best piece of the year by Browser readers in 2015. If the writing is measured, the story is shattering. Clemantine Wamariya escaped the Rwandan genocide at the age of six, criss-crossed Africa for seven years as a refugee, found asylum in America, won a scholarship to Yale, and was reunited with her parents, live on television, by Oprah Winfrey (8,200 words)

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