Exile Underground

Ship Them Into Exile

Joan DeJean | CrimeReads | 19th April 2022

Extract from a book about how early 18C "money madness" in France resulted in the first transports of enslaved African people to colonial Louisiana and the forced deportation of women prisoners from Paris to "populate" the region. This "stock market fever" didn't last long, though — wealthy investors were knifed to death for their cash and police were fishing body parts out of the Seine (2,772 words)

Notes From The Underground

Zack Graham | Astra | 6th April 2022

Ode to raving. The writer started off in the shallow end of the scene, but is quickly drawn into its more radical depths. In Europe's Freetekno scene, he finds people who are so committed to the escapism that they have dropped out of society all together. Post Covid, he joins a reunion party in a remote Austrian forest clearing. The blissed out dancers are guarded from police by dogs (2,740 words)

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