Fake Mindsets

Fake Journals And Critical Reading

Gwern | 23rd April 2022

Reading and evaluating academic journals demands a "fundamentally predictive" approach. You need enough prior understanding of the given field to be constantly asking yourself, “What do I predict I will read next?” The best parts of the paper will be the parts that you didn't predict, that take you by surprise. One way to develop such skills is by reading alongside others in a journal club (3,000 words)

Crisis Mindsets

Venkatesh Rao | Ribbonfarm | 18th May 2022

When a crisis looms, first choose your group. The bigger the crisis, the less likely you are to survive it alone. Find people that you want to be with, then agree who does what. "I used to think I was not much good in a crisis, but over the years, I have realized there is no such thing as being individually good or bad in a crisis. Humans either deal with crises in effective groups, or not at all" (1,800 words)

The moral of both today's readings
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