Finally Colonel

Interview With Colonel Oleh Shevchuk

Olha Kyrylenko & Dmytro Larin | War Translated | 1st March 2023

Jaw-dropping throughout. How Ukraine's army leveraged social media against Russia's invasion. "We called civilians and asked: 'Do you see this section of road? If a shell hits in a minute and a half, can you tell us roughly where it exploded?' The person would describe the place of the explosion, we would open a Google map and see: Yes, there is such a place behind the vegetable garden" (5,700 words)

When Ian Fleming Finally Started Writing

John Higgs | CrimeReads | 8th February 2023

It took Fleming five years to start work on the first James Bond novel. It was his misery at impending marriage to his long-time paramour Ann that finally did it. A BDSM-based affair was all to the good, but commitment demanded "a level of emotional maturity which he did not possess". He escaped into 007, a man whose girlfriends rarely survived the novel in which he seduced them (2,673 words)

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