Finding Passion

The Trouble With Passion

Tyler Burgese & Erin Cech | Culture Study | 21st April 2024

Why “follow your passion” is flawed advice: it prioritises self-expression at the cost of job security or salary in career decisions. Without safety nets or social capital, “working-class and first-generation college graduates are more likely to end up in low-paying jobs when they pursue their passion”. Employers too prefer “passionate applicants”, as they seem more willing to do uncompensated work (3,300 words)

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When Do We Stop Finding New Music?

Daniel Parris | Stat Significant | 10th April 2024

When do our musical tastes stagnate? The bad news: we are more “open-eared” as adolescents; the songs we hear from ages 13 to 16, no matter how trite, leave a lasting impact. Sonic stagnation happens by 33 — every generation believes “music was better back in my day”. The potential good news: a “waning commitment to exploration” might be the cause, which suggests that it can be rekindled (1,900 words)

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