First Plant

This week, The Browser looks back at some of our favourite selections from the year gone by.

First Rites

Anna Della Subin | Granta | 6th January 2022

On the history of men and women acclaimed in their lifetimes as gods, from Adam in the Garden of Eden, and Demetrius Poliorcetes in the Athens of 307BC, to Jesus and his apostles; by way of Lysander the Spartan general, Epicurus the materialist philosopher, Antinous the lover of Hadrian, and Tullia the daughter of Cicero. Julius Caesar accepted deification, Augustus declined the honour (2,400 words)

On ‘Plant-Based’

Alicia Kennedy | From The Desk Of Alicia Kennedy | 31st January 2022

The term "plant-based", when used to describe a diet free of animal products, can raise the hackles of vegans who prefer the "cultural baggage" that comes with their own label. But if it brings more people around to their way of thinking on meat, is it a bad thing? Yes, if its definition continues to be vague and blurry. Like the word "natural" before it, it can be stretched to the point of absurdity (1,171 words)

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