Flight Battle

Give Dead Animals The Gift Of Flight

Thom Waite | Dazed | 26th April 2023

Scientists are turning dead birds into drones in order to study their flight. An artist who has been making his own taxidermy drones for a decade — including "the Orvillecopter", an airborne version of his pet cat — weighs in on the likely challenges. His most difficult creation to date? "I reckon the badger submarine. It’s hard to make things float weightlessly in water" (1,257 words)

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The Battle Of The Bonds

Mark Allison | Little White Lies | 26th April 2023

Forty years ago, Never Say Never Again, starring Sean Connery, and Octopussy, starring Roger Moore, were released within months of each other — the result of a complex tangle of copyright and plagiarism disputes. The Connery vehicle was an "unofficial" Bond, with no access to the famous opening sequence or theme music. Viewers didn't seem to mind; it made $159 million at the box office (1,373 words)

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