Floppy Focus

In The Floppy Disk Business

Niek Hilkmann & Thomas Walskaar | Eye On Design | 12th September 2022

Interview with one of the last people dealing in floppy disks. His wife persuaded him to buy "floppydisks۔com" in 1990 and he has never looked back. His business used to be mostly duplicating CDs and DVDs, but is now "90% selling blank floppy disks". He carries "all the flavours" of floppy disk and his recycling service is now so popular that he sometime receives 1,000 disks a day in the post (3,443 words)

Coming Into Focus

Carla Ciccone | Harper's Bazaar | 5th September 2022

The rate of ADHD diagnosis among adult women is rising sharply. There is little research yet into why, but it seems likely that indicators have historically been explained as mere feminine character traits. "It’s likely been there all along, masquerading as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, 'she’s difficult', 'she’s an airhead', 'she’s unlucky', 'she’s lazy', and other labels" (3,343 words)

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