Forgotten Why

Britain’s Forgotten Pandemic

Scott Preston | LitHub | 10th June 2024

The foot and mouth outbreak among livestock in 2001 was arguably the UK's biggest crisis since 1945, but you won't find many films or television series about it. An estimated ten million animals were killed and "charnel smokestacks" became a common feature of the rural landscape. People, especially those not involved in farming, forgot quickly, distracted by the "war on terror out east" (1,400 words)

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Why Is Hungary So Small?

Tomas Pueyo | Uncharted Territories | 5th June 2024

Short answer: because of the First World War. For a slightly longer answer, look at the unique geography of Hungary. Being nestled in the highly defensible Pannonian Basin was historically good for repelling invaders, but the lack of sea coast produced the famine conditions that contributed to Austria-Hungary's surrender in 1918, and the reallocation of its territory by the Allies (3,300 words)

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