Frank Plant

Plant Liberation

Joseph Moore | Practical Ethics | 8th November 2023

Plants are living things. We have a moral duty to treat them well. "Things can be good or bad, better or worse for any kind of living thing and not just the relatively small number of those with mental states. It is straightforwardly good for a typical plant to have access to sunlight, water and soil nutrients. It is bad for a typical mushroom to be placed in a bright, hot, dry environment" (1,500 words)

Frank Ramsey

Fraser MacBride et al | SEP | 23rd October 2023

Definitive account of the life and work of Frank Ramsey, now ranked among the great minds of the 20th century. By the time of his death at just 26, he had made fundamental contributions to philosophy, logic, mathematics, and economics. "Whilst he was acknowledged as a genius by his contemporaries, some of his most important ideas were not appreciated until decades later" (26,000 words)

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