Fun Mathematician

Organised Fun: Who’s It All For?

Clive Martin | The Face | 14th March 2023

Former London dweller returns to the city and discovers that something has changed. Gone is the habit of popping into a just-discovered club or exhibition. Thanks to the "experience economy", everything is now "strangely occupational". Every event is marketed and monetised, and usually sells out in advance. All of this organised fun is "the antidote to, and the accelerator of, alienation" (3,318 words)

Podcast: How To Think Like A Mathematician | The Infinite Monkey Cage. Randall Munroe of xkcd fame guests on this BBC radio gameshow about how to use maths to solve everyday problems (42m 35s)

Here's a maths problem for you: if this edition of The Browser contains two recommendations, while the daily full Browser recommends five articles, a video and a podcast, how much more interesting could your day be?

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