Future History

The Future Of Intelligence

Steve Hsu | Latecomer | 24th October 2023

We overestimate the technical risks of genetic engineering in humans. Editing a specific gene may cause side-effects in other genes, but these are foreseeable. On the other hand, we underestimate the social consequences of genetic engineering, if its benefits are captured by an existing elite. It may create a self-replicating class of rulers who are tall, beautiful, super-clever, and live for 200 years (4,100 words)

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Daoist History

Dingxin Zhao | Noema | 1st November 2023

A modest attempt to explain how Daoist philosophical precepts shape the teaching of history in China. Westerners tend to view history as a linear movement in the general direction of progress. The Daoist model is more dialectical. History is a constant rebalancing of forces. What is stronger now will be weaker later, and vice versa. This does not sum to "progress". It is merely change (2,550 words)

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