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Book Of The Week

What We Owe The Future
William MacAskill | Basic Books | August 2022

Recommended by Kieran Setiya at Boston Review
"It is an urgent question how what we do today will affect the further future. This is the question MacAskill takes up in his new book, What We Owe the Future, a densely researched but surprisingly light read that ranges from omnicidal pandemics to our new AI overlords without ever becoming bleak. It has a lot to teach us about history and the future, about neglected risks and moral myopia"

Poem Of The Week

All The Members Of My Tribe Are Liars
John Fuller | Poetry Foundation | 1996

The world is everything that is the case.
You cannot see it if you are inside it.
That’s why the tortoise always wins the race:
the very terms decide it.

I cannot help it if I am contented
With being discontented that I falter:
That’s why psychology was first invented
So that we needn’t alter.

continue reading at Poetry Foundation

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