Future Wins

What If Ukraine Wins?

Liana Fix and Michael Kimmage | Foreign Affairs | 6th June 2022

"Winning big" for Ukraine would be a complete Russian retreat. "Winning small" would be a return to the status quo before February's invasion, leaving Russia in Donbass and Crimea. In either case there will be a “day after”. A Ukrainian victory will "spur more Russian intransigence in its wake". It will require, "not a relaxation of Western support for Ukraine but an even stronger commitment" (2,200 words)

How To Future

Kevin Kelly | Technium | 9th June 2022

Advice to futurists: Study the past and the present. Most of what will happen tomorrow is already happening today. Most of the things we will have in the future are things that we have today — wooden tables, concrete blocks, water pipes etc. Perhaps only 10% of our material world will change radically. Focus on that 10%. Imagine things that seem implausible now, but not impossible (1,100 words)

Tomorrow's a bigger today.
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