Ghost Lunch

The Future Of Ghosts

Jeanette Winterson | Paris Review | 23rd October 2023

Ghost stories may well have proliferated in the 19C because of the excess carbon monoxide from gas lamps — low level poisoning can cause hallucinations and dread. In the 21C, our hauntings will be predicated on the intangible reality we already inhabit. "A ghost is the spirit of a dead person. An avatar is a digital twin of a living person. Neither is 'real'. A haunted metaverse. Why not?" (910 words)

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Everyone Needs The Odd Free Lunch

James Harris | Stiff Upper Quip | 19th October 2023

On the "spiritual ungenerosity" of the UK. Unlike elsewhere, tap water is not always free and a hot drink rarely comes with an unsolicited biscuit. This writer finds that his homeland has become "a place of martialling scarcity". The little things that make life nicer are in short supply. "This is what happens to people when they live pinched, cramped lives, worrying about every penny" (1,460 words)

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