Glory Psychoanalysis

The Glory Of Trams

Christopher Atamian & Aram Pachyan | LARB | 3rd April 2023

Two essays on the joy of trams. One looks at a childhood spent zooming around Geneva, the other at the demise of the tram system in Yerevan, Armenia. The Yerevan trams recall the heyday of Soviet optimism: "It’s as if the introduction of the tram was some kind of messiah, a maddening religious ecstasy, bringing order to the routine of a person’s work and meaning to their existence" (6,470 words)

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Marilyn Monroe's Psychoanalysis Notes

Jillian Hess | Noted | 13th March 2023

Marilyn Monroe was very keen on psychoanalysis. She read Freud at a young age and spent years documenting her analysis sessions in a series of notebooks. It was not a wholly successful pastime for her. In 1962, the year she died, she wrote: "I hope at some future time to be able to make a glowing report about the wonders that psychoanalysis can achieve. The time is not ripe" (1,682 words)

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