Go Great

On Letting Go Of The Idea Of “Keeping Up”

Molly Templeton | Reactor | 28th March 2024

About that dreaded question: “so, what have you read lately?”. “I suddenly wanted to hold my cards, and my books, extremely close to the chest. People stress about not having time to read — a fair complaint, but one that has a different tone when the subtext is “I’m getting behind”. Behind on what, and to whom? Who is served by this stress, by reading challenges and lists and shelfies and book hauls?” (1,200 words)

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The Great Oxygenation Event

Ethan Siegel | Big Think | 1st April 2024

Two billion years into Earth’s existence, cyanobacteria began proliferating and producing copious amounts of oxygen — which destroyed atmospheric methane, causing global temperatures to plummet. The resulting ice age lasted 300 million years and nearly ended life on Earth. “The way this climate disaster came about is instructive to anyone who wishes to avoid a similar disaster in the present” (3,300 words)

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