Goat Penalty

Ancient Goat Teeth And Animal Care

Melina Seabrook | Sapiens | 12th September 2023

Analysis of animal bones from between 3,000 and 7,500 years ago provides interesting lessons about human-animal relations. A pattern of older goats with "devastatingly poor teeth" suggests animals tethered cruelly yet cherished for their milk. "The goats I studied might have garnered affection from their owners. And ironically, the goats likely suffered from that special treatment" (1,350 words)

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Against The Death Penalty

Ralph Leonard | Areo | 19th September 2023

Well-articulated summary of the arguments around capital punishment, with the writer concluding that there is no practical reason for a state to conduct judicial killings. "The coercive elements of state power can and must still be reined in, in the interests of civil society. We need to be protected from the state just as much — perhaps even more — than we need to be protected by the state" (2,040 words)

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