Godzilla Principles

The Geopolitics Of Godzilla

Peter Tasker | 4th December 2023

Godzilla’s Japan evolves, reflecting the differing political concerns of each new age into which the monster rampages. Thus in 1954’s Godzilla, King of the Monsters! we see anti-American sentiment after a US H-bomb test, while Shin Godzilla shows residual trauma from the 2011 tsunami. The latest instalment reveals a nation newly focused on defence after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (1,380 words)

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30 Useful Principles

Gurwinder | 25th November 2023

Compilation of laws and concepts that can aid greater understanding of the world, with links out to more detailed explanations. Favourites include “Benford's Law of Controversy”, which deals with the relationship between information and emotion, and the “Toothbrush Problem” — “Psychologists treat theories like toothbrushes; no self-respecting person wants to use another’s” (1,550 words)

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