Golden Dark

The Golden Age Of Gadget Catalogues

Cabel Sasser | 6th November 2023

Blog post ten years in the making, as the author slowly collected archive copies of the DAK Catalog. This esoteric digest of curious pieces of technology published by a mail order electronics firm was all written by one man — Drew Alan Kaplan. He began in the 1970s by just reviewing and selling reel-to-reel tapes. His copywriting is masterful, but the man himself remains utterly reclusive (3,000 words)

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How To Light The Dark Months

Katherine May | The Clearing | 6th October 2023

Prioritise going outside when it is still light. Don't resist the change of lifestyle or live as if it is summer. Notice the transition points from day into night. Co-exist with darkness rather than trying to eradicate it. Revel in "apricity", the juicy warmth of the winter sun, even if you feel it through a car windscreen. Make the use of candles ordinary, to contrast with harsh winter daylight (1,380 words)

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