Growl Everything

The Everything Virus

Jon Allsop | CJR | 9th June 2022

Maddeningly formatted so as to be almost unreadable, and yet worth reading; just keep scrolling. Journalists muddled through the Covid pandemic by parroting ill-digested statistics and ill-informed theories. But what can you do when all around you are floundering, and yet your job is to say something? A certain humility is a good starting place — it finally pokes though in this retrospective (3,070 words)

Yes, With A Growl

Morgan Meis | The Easel | 2nd November 2021

In memory of Paula Rego, who died on 8th June at  86. Rego left Portugal as a student and settled in London, but memories of the Salazar dictatorship cast a long shadow over her life and work. "Most of Rego’s greatest paintings play around in the territory between obedience and defiance. It is a body of work that says Yes to life in all its tortured complexity. But this Yes is uttered as a growl" (2,600 words)

There are various ways to say "Yes":
You can growl, squeak, pronounce with finesse...
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