Growth Way

Five Ideas That Might Boost Growth

Tim Harford | 3rd November 2022

If you believe, as Tim Harford does, that "raising the rate of growth is an admirable goal for any politician", then the ideas and observations here, provoked by the counter-examples of the British government in recent weeks, merit attention. In brief: Don't cut taxes without cutting spending; don't cut spending if you care about the long term; focus spending on education and infrastructure (900 words)

It’s The Way That You Do It

Samuel Jay Keyser | Berfrois | 2nd November 2022

Can one distinguish between form and meaning in a poem? Does poetic form exist only to embellish thoughts that might otherwise be expressed in prose with no great loss of meaning, if perhaps with some great loss of elegance? That, I think, is Keyser's argument here. In any case, his experimental mixing of Wordsworth's Tables Turned with Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky is a joy to behold (2,100 words)

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