Guilty Moon

Guilt And Humanism

Artemy Magun | Philosophical Salon | 21st March 2022

Russian philosopher asks his anti-war compatriots: what are we guilty of when it comes to Ukraine? The guilt of those now fleeing Russia is not the same as that of Putin, but it is not nothing, he argues. "Our collective responsibility is structural. It follows not from identifying ourselves with the Russian war supporters, but, on the contrary, from separating ourselves from them" (1,172 words)

Worm Moon

Nina MacLaughlin | Paris Review | 17th March 2022

This delectable monthly column about the moon reaches its finale. Every sentence tries, fancifully, to answer the deceptively simple question "what is the moon?". For instance: "The moon is the ocean’s foam riding its way to shore, every bubble a tiny temporary moon, all the froth on all the seas, the bubbles in a bottle of champagne, the lather in the shower rinsed off the skin" (1,139 words)

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