Habitation Movie

The Habitation Economy

Fred Block | Dissent | 5th September 2023

Economic analysis from the left is based on an outdated paradigm. Most of what we consume now is not standardised goods, which shifts power towards producers. "We have been relying on markets to equilibrate the supply and demand for things that do not resemble classical commodities. It is therefore hardly surprising that these markets do not work as economic theory claims" (4,470 words)

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Did You Even Know This Movie Exists?

Adam Nayman | The Ringer | 16th August 2023

Cinematically, we are in an "era of strays". Other than the pop cultural juggernauts of Barbie and Oppenheimer, lots of films are now being released without us even realising. In part this is due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes that keep union members from their promotional duties, but this phenomenon also speaks to "the fate of film as a popular art form in an algorithmic age" (1,750 words)

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