Handyman Valve

Just Your Handyman

Kurt Armstrong | Plough | 5th December 2023

A hero for our time. "I’m a handyman. People hire me to fix things. My jobs start when someone tells me about something they’d like me to build, or some problem they want me to solve: we need to put a window in the north wall; we want a tile tub surround; this sink is leaky. In my kind of work you take things apart carefully because you’re going to have to put them back together again" (2,700 words)

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The Valve At The End of The World

Evan Grillon | Dirt | 24th November 2023

Splenetic, disjointed, disarmingly honest and strangely compelling account of open-heart surgery and its aftermath, reminiscent at times of Dostoevsky's Notes From The Underground. "I’ve read of people who are driven half-mad by their mechanical heart valve, who can’t sleep, or whose wives can’t sleep, whose marriages are ruined by their insomnia or their anxiety" (5,200 words)

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