Happened Beyond

What Happened To Rod McKuen?

Dan Kois | Slate | 10th October 2022

Notes on collective cultural amnesia, prompted by the rediscovery of a man once mocked as "the most understood poet in America". Rod McKuen sold millions of books and records in the 1960s and 1970s, but was then almost entirely forgotten. He walked the line between "being beloved, productive and yet also totally disparaged". His most popular poem is titled "A Cat Named Sloopy" (6,570 words)

Beyond The Raw/Pasteurised Divide

Trevor Warmedahl | Milk Trekker | 18th September 2022

Dairy-based wisdom from a nomadic cheesemaker on a hot topic in his field. Pasteurisation is generally thought to be a binary state — milk either is or isn't pasteurised. However, it is argued here, that heating this "is just one form of steering the microbial communities of raw milk" and certainly doesn't result in dairy products that are necessarily "sterile" or free of pathogens (1,617 words)

I don't know much about milk, but you should definitely get some great reads past-yer-eyes*. The full Browser sends you five outstanding articles daily, plus a video and a podcast, so you can enjoy the cream of the crop.

*Sorry everyone: that was cheesy.

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