Happy Horror

Hollywood Horror

Daniel Parris | Stat Significant | 18th October 2023

Until the break-out success of The Exorcist (1974), which earned $441 million on a budget of $12 million, horror was strictly a B-movie genre. It has since become Hollywood's most reliable money-maker. Horror films are rarely blockbusters, but they are cheap to make, and their average return on investment is twice that of an action movie. Blair Witch was the most profitable film of all time (2,000 words)

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The Happy Dysfunction Of Dover

Chris Arnade | Unherd | 16th October 2023

Chris Arnade wanders through Dover, walks on to Portsmouth, and decides that the vibe in broken-down parts of England is gentler than the vibe in broken-down parts of America. "England still has a real community built around a shared history and culture. Even if it sometimes gets turned into tourism-board silliness, it very much matters. The English know who they are, and are OK with it" (1,700 words)

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