Haunted Brink

The Brink Of Erasure

Narayani Basu | Contingent | 10th July 2021

Access to material that documents the past is the right of every citizen in a democracy. Yet at the National Archives of India, a scholar is lucky if five out of ten requests are fulfilled. Bureaucratic obstacles and government interference keep inconvenient truths hidden. This is why, despite the elapsed decades, "the study of post-independence India is still a nascent field" (2,604 words)

Haunted By Venus

Choi Suk-mun | Alpinist | 24th March 2022

Account of a climbing trip in South Korea. Part way up, the climber is aghast to find that bolts have been embedded to make the ascent less challenging. A debate ensues over whether to remove them. With the addition of these aids, something is lost: "A sense of beauty, wildness, imagination and curiosity, a longing that had drawn us all into the mountains since our childhood years" (6,926 words)

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What makes a nation? From the rocky shores of Gibraltar, to the micro-state of Mapsulon, to the rose fields of central Bulgaria, Point.51 explores nations large and small, through 136 pages of beautifully printed long-form journalism and documentary photography.

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