Heaviest Words

On Sundays, our paid subscribers get a special edition including some of our favourite picks from years gone by – here's some of what you missed yesterday....

From The Browser Five Years Ago

How The World’s Heaviest Man Lost It All
Justin Heckert | GQ | 7th March 2017
From the grotesque to the terribly sad. An ordinary young Brit called Paul Mason eats carelessly, then obsessively, until finally he weighs half a ton. He is the fattest man in the world. “I had a waistline of eight feet”. Bedridden for years, he opts for bariatric surgery. He loses 700 pounds. A new life awaits! But, oh dear, it is the life of a middle-aged man with poor health and almost no money (5,750 words)

From The Browser Seven Years Ago

Words That Seem Related But Aren’t
Arika Okrent | The Week | 10th March 2015
Memorise this and you will have talking points for the rest of your life. The origins of male and female are quite distinct, and the overlap of pronunciation is accidental. The step in stepmother is not signalling the more distant relationship; it comes from Old English steop, "bereavement". Outrage is not about rage. Shamefaced isn't about your face; it's a corruption of shamefast (695 words)

Two words that seem highly related: "you" and "Browsersubscriber":

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