Highway Rhythms

Highway Star

Meg Bernhard | n+1 | 2nd March 2023

Tips from a trucker's life. Jess is the trucker, she lives in her cab, she loves her work, and she ships mostly food. “These apples are last year’s apples. The onions you buy in a grocery store have been in a warehouse for a year. Bananas are stored at 56 degrees if they’re green, 57 if yellow. Don't ask about the chicken in fast food. Drivers who ship syrup for Coca-Cola need a HAZMAT license" (3,400 words)

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Rhythms And Shapes

Nina Kraus | MIT Press | 3rd April 2023

The human brain apprehends rhythm at the same deep level as it understands space, time, and language. Rhythm is a common denominator of these domains. We sense regularities in spatial things, repetition in temporal things, metre in spoken things. Our bodies live by circadian rhythms. Our minds seek patterns and form expectations. Rhythm is central to our comfort and happiness (3,900 words)

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