Historic Friction

Defending History

Maurice Earls | Dublin Review Of Books | 20th April 2022

It is worth studying the cultural and political landscape of Ireland post 19C famine precisely because it is now part of the forgotten past. Today's social liberalism inherited from this period of darkness "both the conditions which encouraged a culture of instruction, conformity and obedience and also those widespread feelings of dissatisfaction which bubbled beneath the surface" (1,843 words)

In Defence Of Friction

Gabriel Kahane | Substack | 26th April 2022

Case for ridding oneself of the smartphone, explained via the music of Brian Wilson. Without a phone, one is "ecstatically untethered", forced to appreciate fully the ever-present human labour that makes life possible. Being exposed to the true friction of existence makes us resourceful and curious — and wise to the "myth" that technology is indispensable for comfort and happiness (2,403 words)

The Browser also makes you resourceful and curious. (It may or may not be indispensable for comfort and happiness. We'd love to send you five article recommendations, a podcast and a video tonight:)

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