Honeybee Gentleman

How To Speak Honeybee

Karen Bakker | Noema | 2nd November 2022

Bees communicate mainly by dance, but they also have a vocabulary of sounds and vibrations. They have excellent eyesight and can recognise faces. They can rob and cheat. They get happy and sad. When a swarm needs to split or move on, the bees will argue and vote about where to go next. To better observe them, humans are now building a bee-sized robot which will pass as a bee among bees (4,700 words)

Beware Of The Perfect Gentleman

R.F. Jurjevics | Vice | 28th November 2022

Let's say you are a man with an "open face". You seem strong, gentle, trustworthy. You have got "the look". That's the good news. The bad news is that fraudsters and catfishers seek out faces like yours for use in "romance scams". Your pirated photo may be used to defraud dozens, even hundreds, of people. And, thanks to Google's reverse-image search, those victims may then come looking for you (4,600 words)

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