Honeybee Snow

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Image Of The Week

Honeybee Collaboration

“Honeybee Collaboration, Lunaria Leaves,” beeswax, Hemlock cones, porcupine quills, Lunaria leaves, photography, oil stick, embroidery floss and glass beads on seeded paper with honeycomb, in custom maple frame, 17.5 x 17.5 inches

Seasons and the natural rhythms of honeybees determine much of Ava Roth’s practice, which hinges on collaborating with the bees. The Ontario-based artist stitches elaborate embroideries with beads and intricate thread-based motifs that, once her contribution is complete, she turns over to her insect counterparts, who embed her work in golden, hexagonal honeycomb — Colossal

Poem Of The Week

Dream In Which My Body Is A Snow Storm
A.D. Lauren-Abunassar | Poetry Foundation  2020

and doesn’t make anyone cold. If I fell I would fall
in state-shaped flakes. One for every place my body
lingered. One for every little bit of light I stole
and kept. No cars startless. No tangled up roadways. Neck
becoming mountain of drift; foot becoming fierce kicking
eddies. Heat would not melt me. Hands would not help
me undo. Blanketing softly. Whimsy not pretend.
Dream in which my body is a snowstorm and the storm says
a purpose in falling.

continue reading at Poetry Foundation

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