Human Machine

An Exploration Of Being Human

Lakshmi Thiagarajan | Pysche | 12th February 2024

“Did you lose your way under the bright moonlight, or did that fish-eyed woman seduce you?” Without relying on sets, props or character-specific costumes, Bharathanatyam dance uses lyric, movement, and facial expression to recreate scenes out of life. The verse is iteratively sung, and with each repetition, the dancer explores a different emotional layer — sarcasm, curiosity, mock surprise, and anger (2,300 words)

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How to discover and consume 6,500+ podcast episodes without subscribing to any podcasts? Wenbin Fang shares his episode-centric listening approach with Listen Notes.

Nozick’s Experience Machine

Jack Maden | Philosophy Break | 6th February 2024

Thought experiment: suppose an experience machine could give you any experience you desired — writing a great novel or making a friend. Should you plug into it? A majority of people think not. The reason could be that we prefer to pursue pleasure indirectly — through the act of doing things, the “paradox of hedonism”. Nozick’s experience machine reveals our suspicion towards instant gratifications (2,800 words)

No to Nozick's unreal experiences; yes to yesterday's edition of The Browser, which featured these two articles and more — detracking, drones, Eleanor Roosevelt, UFOs and Hollywood.

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